Native American Mascots: An Emerging Legal Landscape

by Zachary D. Schurin
The CABE Journal

Pullman & Comley School Law attorney Zachary D. Schurin wrote an article for the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education CABE Journal about the use of Native American mascots in school districts, which has come under heavy scrutiny across the country. Although there have been schools and even professional sports teams that have retired such mascots, the debate continues between those who believe that using the Native American team names and logos perpetuate negative, unnecessarily offensive stereotypes versus those who believe they should remain because of tradition and community pride.

“As the legal landscape continues to evolve it is becoming increasingly clear that school districts that both maintain a Native American mascot or team name and fail to take aggressive and proactive steps to address any incidents of bullying or harassment based on a student – or staff member’s – Native American ancestry are on shaky legal footing,” Zach says.

To read the full article, please visit page 11 of the April 2021 CABE Journal Online.


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