"Elevated Property Values in Florida" Published in

Elliott B. Pollack
REFA-CT 2019 Summer Newsletter

With southern Florida bracing for significant sea level rise within the next decades, “higher ground inland has started to look more and more desirable” reports National Public Radio. These inland neighborhoods are some of the poorer portions of the region and are experiencing what one Harvard researcher calls “climate gentrification.” This means that families of modest means are experiencing dislocation by real estate speculators anticipating value increases in these areas.

Assuming these realities apply to the northeast sea coast as well, perhaps we will soon be reading about New England real estate appraisals which take sea level elevation into account as an important variable.

According to NPR, the Harvard researcher “found that from 1971 to 2017, real estate at higher elevations in Miami appreciated at higher rates than properties closer to sea level.”



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