In The News05.27.2022

Steve Stafstrom Comments on Impact of Legalized Cannabis on CT Workplace

The Hartford Courant

Pullman & Comley Litigation attorney Steven J. Stafstrom spoke with the Hartford Courant recently about the impact of legalized recreational cannabis on the Connecticut workplace.  Workplace-related provisions of the marijuana law take effect this summer, introducing job-related rules; "employers must have an updated drug-free workplace policy, including rules governing pre-employment drug testing and accommodations for employees with medical marijuana cards."  Under the legislation, workers may sue employers for alleged violations.

According to Steve, who also serves as vice chair of the House Judiciary Committee, the law has the "most robust protections for employers."

"This is now a legal drug like alcohol or tobacco or a similar substance," he said. "It has the ability to impair and we make it clear that it should be treated in a similar vein."

Read the full article on the Hartford Courant website, "Connecticut's legalized marijuana law is turning to the workplace.  Are bosses and employees ready?"


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