TV Interview03.28.2023

Megan Carannante Discusses "Ghost Job Postings" on NBC Connecticut

NBC Connecticut

Co-chair of the firm's Labor, Employment Law and Employee Benefits practice Megan Y. Carannante was interviewed on NBC Connecticut to discuss ghost job postings, a new phenomenon taking over the employment scene. They look like typical job postings to fill certain positions, but the company isn't actually hiring for the roles, leaving candidates applying for a non-existent job and waiting to hear back. 

"While it is extremely frustrating for employees that are looking for new jobs and in the applicant pool, it is legal to do this, and the only reason why it would not be legal would be if somehow the hiring practice was discriminating against someone on the basis of their protected class," says Megan.

Megan provides tips for how job seekers on can spot a ghost posting, and ways to confirm details with the employer so they aren't wasting time with applying to unavailable positions.

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