In The NewsDecember 19 - December 29, 2020

Mark Sommaruga Speaks with Multiple News Outlets Regarding School Policies and COVID-19 Vaccinations

WNPR, FOX 61, WTNH News 8, and CT Post

Mark Sommaruga, School Law and Labor, Employment Law & Employee Benefits attorney at Pullman & Comley, has recently been interviewed by numerous news outlets on the topic of school and employment policies regarding the COVID-19 vaccine requirements. Mark explains that in many cases, the vaccine can be mandated with reasonable accommodations being made for those with religious objections or disabilities.

In the FOX 61 interview, Mark says "You could have a general mandate, as any employer could mandate the vaccine, but you may have to permit an exception for those who may have a sincerely held religious belief that prohibits them from being vaccinated, and those who have a disability that might prevent them from being vaccinated."

To read the full CT Post article, click here.

To watch the FOX 61 video, click here.

To listen to the full WNPR interview, click here.

To watch the WTNH News 8 video, click here.


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