In The News04.20.2021

WSHU Public Radio Interviews Lee Hoffman on How Transmission Upgrades in Biden Infrastructure Proposal Will Support New England Clean Energy Goals

WSHU Public Radio - NPR News

Lee Hoffman, an energy and environmental attorney at Pullman & Comley and the co-chair of the law firm's Real Estate, Energy, Environmental and Land Use practice, was interviewed for a story on WSHU Public Radio, "Transmission Upgrades Could Hold the Key to New England Clean Energy Goals."

Part of President Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure proposal includes funding upgrades to the country's electric transmission system, essential improvements to reach clean energy goals in the region.

Lee, who represents power generators and suppliers said that new power lines could be tethered along state right-of-ways or buried underground.

“And if you think about our electric grid that way, we have transmission lines, which are the highways and the interstates. They're the really big lines that carry massive amounts of power, all the way down to the distribution systems, which are avenues, boulevards, and even country roads,” he said.

Lee said there is a real transmission challenge.

“Sometimes where the infrastructure is is not where people would ideally like to site power projects, whether they're renewable or traditional. Because those are sometimes in residential neighborhoods, or they're on historic properties, or there are endangered species nearby or whatever else have you,” he said.

You can access the full story on the WSHU website.



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