Radio Interview04.21.2021

Lee Hoffman Quoted in WSHU Public Radio Story on How Power is Generated in Connecticut

WSHU Public Radio - NPR News

Pullman & Comley energy and environmental attorney Lee D. Hoffman was quoted in a WSHU Public Radio story about how power is generated in Connecticut and the fight by some advocacy groups against fossil fuel expansion in the state.

Lee, who co-chairs Pullman's Real Estate, Energy, Environmental and Land Use practice, has represented other natural gas plant proposals in the region.  He said that new, more efficient gas-fired plants could be worth the investment.

“The problem is, we still have power plants in our fleet that are the functional equivalent of a 1972 Buick,” he said. “And if you had your choice of driving a Honda Fit, if we're just talking about fuel economy, versus a 1972, Buick, you'd obviously want to drive the Honda Fit, because the Honda Fit gets you more miles to the gallon. Thus it is with power plants.”

Lee said there would be a significant carbon emission reduction if old natural gas plants were replaced with a new gas fleet.

“If it comes online, it's going to knock out some of the older power plants that aren't all that efficient, that have a lot more emissions per megawatt hour of electricity generated. And you'd prefer to have those be offline,” he said.

You can access the full story on the WSHU website.



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