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Lauren Davies Discusses the Significance of Estate Planning in Fox 61 Interview

Fox 61

Lauren C. Davies, an attorney in Pullman & Comley's Trusts & Estates practice, was interviewed on Fox 61 during National Estate Planning Awareness month, where Lauren shared the importance of securing a legacy, protecting your assets, and ensuring a smooth transition for loved ones through trusts and wills.

"The important thing about estate planning is that it allows your wishes in your voice to be heard and you're not leaving it to chance or your family fighting or talking about it. It's a gift you can leave to your own family to be clear and concise and make sure everything is taken care of," Lauren said.

Although there are Connecticut state default laws that determine who will inherit your assets after you die, they may not be in keeping with your wishes. Lauren also discussed the groups of individuals that may be impacted by current estate tax laws, and explained the recently passed Parentage Act, which expands the definition of the parent/child relationship beyond just biological and adopted parents.

To listen to the full interview, please visit Fox 61's website.


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