In The News06.04.2021

Laura Cardillo Talks to the Connecticut Law Tribune about Adapting During the Pandemic

Connecticut Law Tribune

Laura Bellotti Cardillo, vice chair of Pullman & Comley's Property Tax and Valuation practice, spoke with the Connecticut Law Tribune about how the pandemic has affected real estate valuation and in return, how her practice has adapted to these changes. "In addition to the pandemic adversely impacting the values of certain commercial property types, it also has been an adjustment to attend all court proceedings and depositions remotely," Laura says.

Many of Laura's clients were hit hard over the past 15 months and are undergoing revaluations as of October 1, 2021. Looking forward, "assessors should be taking into account the long-term effects of the pandemic on certain property types, like hotels, restaurants, banquet facilities, long-term care facilities and retail, as they determine the values/assessments later this year."

Laura, who is also  an active member of the women's attorney section of the Hartford County Bar Association, also comments on the biggest obstacles facing women attorneys today within the Connecticut legal profession. "The pandemic has thrown a wrench in many women attorneys’ daily lives as they attempt to balance work and family. While many employers are understanding of the challenges facing women attorneys, the statistics indicate women continue to leave the practice of law in greater numbers than their male counterparts."

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