IN THE NEWS: Elliott Pollack Talks About Property Assessments as a Valuable Opportunity

Patrick Gallagher
Fairfield County Business Journal

With dozens of Connecticut towns and cities scheduled to conduct property assessments this fall, Attorney Elliott B. Pollack, chair of Pullman & Comley's Property Valuation Department, cautioned against dismissing revaluation notices without review in what is an opportunity that typically arises only once every five years.

Under state law, most municipalities are required to perform revaluations of every property – residential, commercial and industrial – at least every five years for the purpose of updating property tax assessments.

That means that for the first time since 2007, property owners in many Connecticut  towns and cities will have the opportunity to have their properties assessed, according to Elliott, who was interviewed for the Fairfield County Business Journal article, "Pay Attention to Property Assessments, Attorney Says."

“In most of these situations, the last time the property was valued would go back to 2007, which was certainly a far different time economically,” he said. “It is an important event in the life of any commercial property because the cycle means that this is the assessment you’re going to have, barring changes, for five years.”

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