Providing Innovative Financing to Fund University Growth

“It’s the personal touch that makes a difference.  Pullman understands our problems and alerts us to potential situations, sometimes before we’re even aware of them.  We deal with highly complex matters and we are always offered solutions.”
--John Sullivan, Manager of Treasury Services, University of Connecticut

 “Pullman has been an effective and efficient partner.  The firm’s knowledge of Connecticut and Connecticut law has been invaluable as the economic challenges facing the university drive the need to work with partners that provide creative solutions.”
--Scott Jordan, Executive Vice President for Administration and Chief Financial Officer, University of Connecticut

Nearly 140 years after the Storrs brothers donated land and money to start the Storrs Agricultural School, the University of Connecticut has grown to become one of the nation’s top 20 public universities, with state of the art facilities that foster imagination and advance innovation. 

To ensure that ongoing infrastructure improvements are made at UConn’s campuses, An Act to Enhance the Infrastructure of the University of Connecticut, (known as UConn 2000), was adopted by the Connecticut General Assembly in 1995 to provide for the financing of such infrastructure improvements.  Since 2003, the firm has served as UConn’s bond counsel and has represented it in connection with the financing of more than $1.5 billion of UConn 2000 projects and the administration of the UConn 2000 program.

Scott Jordan, the Executive Vice President for Administration and Chief Financial Officer of the University of Connecticut, describes UConn 2000 as a complex program with many partners participating in the process, including legislators, administrators and the board of trustees.  Continued reductions in state financial support and rising costs result in a delicate balance of seeking efficiencies while working to protect the university’s academic mission.  UConn relies upon Pullman to create innovative financing plans that fund the University’s growth, while ensuring that students receive a top-notch education.

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