Antitrust cases are almost invariably complicated business disputes, the consequences of which can be devastating to the litigants if not handled correctly.  Such cases require knowledge of not only ever-changing and involved legal principles, but also practical knowledge of how businesses operate in a competitive environment.  We have that knowledge and use it to advise our clients on how they can protect themselves when made the subject of a government investigation or civil suit or when victimized by the illegal conduct of competitors.

Pullman & Comley's litigation attorneys are well-versed in the applicable state and federal laws that govern business operations, including the statutes and regulations that govern the issuance of stock by both private and public companies; the rules that define what two or more companies can and cannot do together; and the trade practices that give rise to liability for unfair competition.  Whether the case is a shareholder derivative suit, a class action, or an antitrust or unfair competition claim brought by a customer or competitor, and whether it is filed in state or federal court, we can assist.


Successfully defended a company against a criminal claim of price fixing in a recent antitrust case and subsequently settled the parallel suit

Successfully defended a class action complaint brought against our client to challenge the business terms of the purchase of the company as a product of unfair competition

Represented several financial institutions named as defendants in a multidistrict antitrust class action brought against two of the world's largest credit card companies and many of the country's largest banks, challenging the fee structure and rules of credit and debit card payment networks; achieved the voluntary dismissal of two institutions

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