Time to Go Pro Bono: Thank You

James T. Shearin and Jenn Shukla
CT Lawyer

Pullman & Comley Litigation attorney James T. “Tim” Shearin, who also serves as the president-elect of the Connecticut Bar Association, co-authored an article focused on the pro bono efforts of the Connecticut legal community with Jenn Shukla, director of access to justice initiatives at the Connecticut Bar Association, for the January/February 2024 issue of CT Lawyer.

Entitled “Thank You,” the article lauded the efforts of the hundreds of employees of legal service providers in Connecticut who serve those in need of legal representation but who cannot afford it, as well as those of the state’s Judicial Branch, law schools, and the legal departments of Connecticut’s corporations.  In addition, the article highlights the work of the various Connecticut Bar Association programs that provide pro bono service opportunities.

To read the full article, please visit the CT Lawyer online.


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