3 New Employment Laws CT Employers Must Know About in 2022

by Megan Y. Carannante and Zachary T. Zeid
Hartford Business Journal

In an article for the Hartford Business Journal, Employment Law attorneys Megan Y. Carannante and Zachary T. Zeid discuss three major changes to Connecticut's employment laws now in effect with the new year; paid family leave, salary range disclosures and a prohibition on age-based inquiries.

Megan and Zach explain new requirements for CT employers under the Connecticut Paid Family and Medical Leave Act, including the introduction of paid family medical leave and the expansion of qualified family members. They also describe the circumstances under which employers must now disclose wage ranges to prospective and current employees, and when they are prohibited from inquiring as to the age of applicants.

"These laws impose new requirements on employers and require revisions to policies and procedures to ensure compliance, maintain operational efficiency and avoid legal exposure," write Megan and Zach. To read the full article, please visit

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