Press Release11.21.2023

Book on Freedom of Information Act by Attorney Mark Sommaruga Updated for Post-Pandemic Era

BRIDGEPORT, CT, November 28, 2023 - Pullman & Comley and the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education have jointly published an updated edition of Understanding the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act, written by Mark J. Sommaruga, Esq., a member of Pullman & Comley’s Labor, Employment Law and Employee Benefits and School Law practices.

This book is a must-have for any public agency or entity covered by the FOIA. It provides practical advice for those trying to comply with the FOIA’s public records and open meetings requirements, as well as those filing requests for information such as members of the media. Real-life stories and cases are presented in order to provide guidance to those seeking to comply with the FOIA.

“FOIA policies differ by state and obviously a lot has changed in the past few years with the adoption of remote-meeting technology,” says Sommaruga. “The law itself can be difficult for individuals and organizations to parse, so this book is intended to be a companion that helps stakeholders understand how the FOIA affects their role and how to maintain compliance.”

In this latest edition of the book — the first since 2018 — there is additional and updated information on multiple topics that have shifted dramatically in recent years. Sommaruga breaks down guidelines for municipalities on announcing and holding virtual meetings in compliance with the FOIA. The book also outlines best practices for the use, storage and release of body camera footage, police records and other information pertaining to law enforcement activities.

“We’re very lucky to have Mark, one of the leading FOIA experts in Connecticut, on our team at Pullman & Comley,” says Lee Hoffman, chair of the firm. “This newly updated edition of his book is an invaluable resource to school districts, municipalities, law enforcement agencies, members of the media and private citizens across the state.”

Understanding the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act, Sixth Edition is available for purchase by contacting


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