In The News01.12.2022

Megan Carannante Appears on NBC Connecticut to Discuss Major Changes to State Employment Law in 2022

Megan Youngling Carannante, co-chair of the firm’s Labor, Employment Law and Employee Benefits practice, spoke with Dan Corcoran of NBC Connecticut on major changes to state employment laws now in effect with the new year; salary range disclosures, a prohibition on age-based inquiries, and paid family and medical leave.

Megan outlines the circumstances under which employers are now required to provide information to prospective and current employees regarding salary ranges. She also explains the impetus for a new restriction on an employer's ability to ask age related information on initial employment applications, noting that "there was a concern employers were using this information to screen out applicants on the basis of their age." Finally, Megan discusses what employers are required to provide employees in terms of family and medical leave as well as a new component of the law that provides for income substitution benefits.

To listen to the full interview, please visit NBC Connecticut's website.

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