In The News01.28.2022

Mark Sommaruga Interviewed on Connecticut Public Radio on Remote Learning Options

Connecticut Public Radio

Pullman & Comley School Law attorney Mark Sommaruga was interviewed on Connecticut Public Radio about the state of remote learning options in Connecticut. With the recent surge of COVID-19 cases, some Connecticut superintendents had no option but to close school until it was safe for teachers to return. Superintendents have difficult decisions to make in this arena; if they choose to go remote, or close for too many days, it could have a serious financial impact on the district since the state guidelines won't "count" remote learning days as official school days. 

Mark said that the chance of the state bending to the local districts' decisions to go remote is slim. "These are decisions made on the state level and districts have to follow these determinations."

Read the full article on Connecticut Public Radio's website.


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