IN THE NEWS: Pullman & Comley Attorney Comments on Impact of Supreme Court Ruling on New Haven Firefighter Case

The New Haven Register

Attorney Daniel A. Schwartz commented on the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on Ricci v. DeStefano in “Impact Still to Come in Firefighter Ruling,” a July 2, 2009, article in The New Haven Register.

According to Dan, it is still unclear how the decision will effect the parties in the case. The Court found that the city of New Haven unfairly denied promotions to a group of New Haven firefighters when it threw out the results of exams for the ranks of captain and lieutenant because they appeared to disproportionately penalize African Americans.

“That’s probably what the district court is going to be asking, too: How do we implement the Supreme Court ruling? The Supreme Court has given us a blueprint but what now?” said Dan. Damages awarded could include compensatory and punitive damages to back pay, he noted.

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