IN THE NEWS: Patricia R. Beauregard Discusses Protecting Mothers From Fraud

The Wall Street Journal

Pullman & Comley Trusts and Estates attorney Patricia R. Beauregard was quoted in "How to Give Mom Financial Peace of Mind," an article in The Wall Street Journal about the steps individuals can take to protect their mothers from fraud and other risks.

According to Patti, "Joint assests are a big red flag."  She describes a brother taking care of a widowed sister in which he "was also helping himself to her money on a pretty regular basis."  She also says that "it's a good idea to pay care givers--even family members--for their time so they don't grow resentful and start stealing."

To quote the author in a final statement, "If your mom is still insurable, consider getting her a long-term care insurance policy."  That, quips Ms. Beauregard, "or a younger man."

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