Dana M. Hrelic Walks Through Appellate Marketing Strategies on ABA Litigation Section Podcast

ABA Litigation Section Podcast

Pullman & Comely Appellate attorney Dana M. Hrelic walked through how to successfully market an appellate practice on the American Bar Association Litigation Section's podcast Sound Advice. With more than 15 years of experience, Dana has been able to hone in on what marketing strategies are most effective for her.

Dana points out that referrals are an essential part of business development, and it’s important to build a strong network.  Referrals can come from a variety of places, whether they be from a colleague’s introduction, a networking event or through social media. Once that connection is made, staying in regular touch and building the relationship is essential.

Another key way to generate new referrals is to become involved in both national and local professional organizations. Dana serves as Second Circuit Member of the American Bar Association Federal Judiciary Committee and is also the ABA State Delegate of Connecticut. She is also involved with the Connecticut Bar Association House of Delegates and its Appellate practice section. Through her involvement in these organizations and others, she has developed meaningful connections with members.

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