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Pullman & Comley’s Centennial Highlighted in Connecticut Post

In an article by Jordan Grice in the Connecticut Post, “Bridgeport Law Firm Marks Century,” Pullman & Comley’s attorneys discussed how the firm is celebrating its 100th year in business by participating in community service projects statewide throughout 2019.

According to Tim Shearin, Chairman of Pullman & Comley, the firm’s longevity is driven by the people who work there, and the year of service is a tribute to the firm’s culture and history of giving back.

“When you have that kind of investment in your firm’s culture and the way in which the firm views its relationship with the community and the businesses that we serve, that helps,” he said.

Pullman and Comley has been a key component in the Bridgeport business community for the past century. More recently, the firm has been part of the revitalization of the city, playing a role in major development of the Cherry Street Lofts, Steelepointe Harbor and revitalizing McLevy Green.

Pullman & Comley has “stuck with the city while … a lot of other companies didn’t,” commented Rep. Steve Stafstrom of Bridgeport, who also has been an attorney with the firm for more than ten years.

The firm also encourages attorneys to get involved in civic and charitable endeavors in the city, said associate Kelly O’Donnell, who attributed the firm’s success in Bridgeport to its outreach, one of the elements that attracted her to the firm.

“I think that’s hugely important for a firm like Pullman and Comley,” she said. “The more involved we are, the better it is for us and our clients.”

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