A Legal Webinar on Student Discipline in the Age of COVID

10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. EST

Pullman & Comley School Law attorney Michael P. McKeon will present a Connecticut Association of Schools webinar that will focus on detecting, investigating, and prosecuting student disciplinary matters in the age of COVID-19. Mike's presentation will cover the fundamentals of student disciplinary investigations and delve into these new pandemic-driven considerations.

Although the move to hybrid and fully remote instructional models has lessened the number of transgressions commonly resulting in student discipline, the pandemic has also resulted in new forms of student misconduct - Zoom bombing, refusal to wear masks in school, ignoring quarantine policies - as well as increases in both inappropriate social media postings and cyber bullying.

With the anticipated introduction of a COVID-19 vaccination, will districts be permitted to discipline students who refuse to get one? Can students who repeatedly take off their masks be suspended or expelled? What constitutes expellable offenses, and how in this hybrid, or even fully remote, world, can school administrators investigate and adjudicate such misconduct?

To register, please visit the CASCIAC website. Please send any questions you would like to be addressed during the webinar to Bill Silva.

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