Advancing the Development of Clean Power

Pullman & Comley was selected as counsel to NuPower Thermal in the development of its district heating loop in downtown Bridgeport, a first-of-its-kind project in the United States. Instead of venting waste heat from a fuel cell into the atmosphere, NuPower plans to capture the waste heat to create hot water which will then circulate through a thermal loop to governmental, academic and office buildings in downtown Bridgeport and the University of Bridgeport campus. At the same time, customers will save on costs creating a winning combination for the environment, for Bridgeport and for Bridgeport businesses. Pullman & Comley assists the project by drafting thermal energy supply agreements, heat offtake agreements, and contracting and vendor agreements. We have also assisted NuPower in navigating legal and regulatory issues that invariably occur when a first-time project is developed.

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