At the Forefront of Renewable Energy Projects

Pullman & Comley’s Alternative Energy practice focuses on both large-scale renewable energy projects and smaller, distributed generation installations.  The practice brings together attorneys across various disciplines to serve clients in the growing and evolving areas of climate change, sustainability, alternative energy, distributed generation, renewable energy credits and trading, carbon trading, greenhouse gas initiatives and project finance. 

Attorneys in our Alternative Energy practice have been working with clients to develop renewable energy projects that utilize available federal and state incentive programs.  We  represent project developers and end users seeking to develop a wide variety of renewable energy projects, including wind turbines, fuel cells, landfill gas projects, biomass energy projects, hydroelectric generation and solar energy installations.  The projects vary in size from rooftop solar installations to large-scale facilities that produce enough energy to power thousands of homes. 

Now, New England finds itself at the beginning of an energy Renaissance, where all of the New England states are calling for reduced carbon emissions from power plants, and where Connecticut has unveiled its plans to move to a zero carbon energy industry.  Pullman has been at the forefront of that as well, representing the majority of commercial scale solar developers in southern New England as well as the only successful commercial-scale developer of offshore wind projects in New England, Orsted Wind North America.  Although the technologies and ideas may be new, the value we deliver is not.  We grapple with new issues, but do so transparently, with a commitment to time and cost certainty.  Project developers appreciate that focus when it comes to building their projects.

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