In The News10.11.2007

Pullman & Comley Client Honored

HABCO, Inc. Receives USA Space Flight Awareness Supplier Award

Glastonbury -- HABCO, Inc. has recently been honored by United Space Alliance (NASA’s primary industry partner in human space operations) with the USA Space Flight Awareness Supplier Award. The award is bestowed quarterly upon United Space Alliance suppliers that performed extraordinary work that added to safety, mission success, schedule compliance and/or enhanced flight capability. HABCO, Inc. is receiving the award for its "exceptional design, build, and integration of a state-of-the-art replacement control system to test flight hardware for the space shuttle."

The award will be presented on October 16th at HABCO’s Glastonbury headquarters. Three-time astronaut Loren Shriver will be on hand to present the award and to discuss his personal experiences on board the Space Shuttle.

HABCO designs and manufactures ground support equipment and test stands for military and commercial aircraft. HABCO also offers a variety of flow testing, pressure testing and cleanliness verification units suitable for aviation, automotive, power generation, industrial HVAC and medical application.

HABCO, Inc. is represented by Pullman & Comley attorney Brad N. Mondschein.

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