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The Doctrine of “Wrongful Discharge in Violation of Public Policy” Takes Flight Again in Decision of the Connecticut Supreme Court
wrongful discharge
I Quit – No, Wait, I Don’t
Timing Issues in Employee Terminations
Not Being Pregnant Can Support a Pregnancy Discrimination Claim
Employees Have a Right to Complain About Intoxicated Co-Workers
How Not to Fire: Lessons from President Trump for Employers.
When Can An Employee Quit and Sue?
Another Form of Workplace Harassment
What Is a Regulated Drug Test?
New Study Suggests Drug Use in Our Workforce is on the Rise ….How Can Employers Protect Themselves and Their Employees?
Tips For Documenting Employee Discipline
The Aftermath: Developments From The 2017 Regular Session of The Connecticut General Assembly Affecting The Workplace
Takeaways For Employers From The Uber, Fox News and Trump Sexual Harassment Scandals
It’s Almost Summer! Time to Review the Law Governing Interns, Part I
Second Circuit Identifies Outer Limits of NLRA-Protected Speech
The Connecticut Supreme Court Aces Another ABC Test
Supervisor’s Personal Liability for Harassment
What Is the Extent of an Employer’s Liability For the Acts of an Employee?
Latest Developments from the Connecticut General Assembly: The Labor and Public Employees Committee Has Spoken
Can You Fire The Needle-Phobic Pharmacist Who Refuses To Perform Immunizations?
Gender Identity Bathroom Access - From Schools To The Workplace
Workers Comp Continues To Be Exclusive Remedy for Workplace Injuries
Is Disloyalty Its Own Reward?
Latest Developments from the Connecticut General Assembly: The Labor and Public Employees Committee Begins to Speak
EEOC: Harassment Continues to be a Serious Problem in the Workplace
Latest Developments from the Connecticut General Assembly: February 16th Public Hearing (Wage/Hour and Leave)
The Same Actor Defense Requires the Same Stage
Latest Developments from the Connecticut General Assembly: January 31st Public Hearing
Can FMLA Leave Ever Be Used for the Flu?
Finding Ways to Sue
Can a Single Employee Go On Strike Against a Non-Union Company?
The NLRB's Challenge To Bridgewater's Confidentiality Clauses: Its Significance For Employers
Firing Employees For Private Facebook Posts: Employers Should Proceed With Caution
Update on the Employment Application Process and Background Checks
Don't Be A Cat's-Paw
Differences in Public Policy Can Affect Claims of Wrongful Discharge
Connecticut Supreme Court Reaffirms the Right of an Employer to Determine When Commissions Are Paid
There Are Limits to Connecticut’s Employee Free Speech Law
What Is Termination For Cause?
The Proper Response When an Employer Learns That an Absence Might Be Protected By FMLA
Employee Separation Agreements – A Refresher, Part Three
Employee Separation Agreements - A Refresher (The Sequel)
Must An Employer Tolerate Truly Obnoxious Employee Speech That Is Not Job-Related?
By The Book: Transforming Handbooks Into Contracts In Langenkamp V. Olson
Employee Separation Agreements – A Refresher
The Appropriate Punishment for Actual and Perceived Threats in the Workplace-Take Two; the Appellate Court (Sensibly) Speaks
Be Aware of Public Employees Disciplinary Proceedings Protections: Loudermill, Weingarten and Garrity
Payment of Accrued But Unused Vacation Pay
Timing and Consistency in Employee Discipline
Avoid Being the Test Case for Gender Identity Discrimination
Hear No Evil; See No Evil: The General Corporate Knowledge Presumption
Investigating Employee Complaints – An Employer's Double Bind
The Meaning of “But-For” Harassment: The Second Circuit Breaks Its Silence and it is not Good for Employers

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