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Developments From The 2023 Session of The Connecticut General Assembly Affecting Employers (UPDATED)
General Assembly - Front Facing
The Supreme Court Imposes New Obligations on Employers to Accommodate Employees’ Religious Practices
Employees' Religion
Now That They Are Finished: Developments From the 2023 Session of the Connecticut General Assembly Affecting Employers
CT General Assembly with Flower Bush
Disciplining Employees for Offensive Private Speech:  Connecticut Employers Must Show Workplace Disruption
Offensive Social Media
The Aftermath: Developments from the 2022 Session of the Connecticut General Assembly Affecting Employers
ct-capitol-general-assembly-e1485794223172.jpg (ct-capitol-general-assembly-e1485794223172.jpg)
Now They Are Finally Finished: Developments from the 2021 Regular and Special Sessions of The Connecticut General Assembly Affecting Employers (Updated July 22, 2021)
Latest Developments from the Connecticut General Assembly: The Labor and Public Employees Committee Has Spoken (Part Two-Expansion of Worker Rights)
The CROWN Act: Connecticut Aims to Eliminate Race-Based Hair Discrimination in the Workplace
Work Meeting
Executive Order Puts Federal Contractors and Grant Recipients on Notice: End "Divisive" Diversity Training or Risk Being Barred from Doing Business with the Federal Government
iStock-executive order.jpg
Nothing But Net: Title IX and Employment Discrimination in Piscitelli v. University of Saint Joseph
EEOC Makes Clear That COVID-19 Cannot be Used to Justify Discrimination Against Employees Based on Age or Other Characteristics
Supreme Court Extends Title VII Protections to Gay and Transgender Employees in Bostock v. Clayton County
EEOC Issues More Guidance on ADA and the Coronavirus
Active Users of Illegal Drugs May Qualify for Disability Discrimination Protection Under Connecticut Law
Schools Must Take Care to Follow Established Complaint Procedures When Investigating Student Complaints of Sexual Harassment Against Employees In Order to Avoid Potential Liability for Sex Discrimination
Has New York State Enacted a Workplace Civility Code?
Latest Developments from the Connecticut General Assembly: The Labor and Public Employees Committee Continues to Speak
Latest Developments from the Connecticut General Assembly: February 26th Public Hearing
Timing Issues in Employee Terminations
Employers Should be Wary of “Guidance”
Commission On Human Rights Issues Guidance On Nondiscrimination Against Veterans
Not Being Pregnant Can Support a Pregnancy Discrimination Claim
Supervisors Can Have Personal Liability for Employment Discrimination
Second Circuit Rules That Title VII Prohibits Discrimination On The Basis Of Sexual Orientation
The Critical Impact of Pretext in Employment Discrimination Cases
A Word To The Wise: Castleberry v. STI Group And The Expansion Of Liability For Hostile Work Environments
When Can An Employee Quit and Sue?
Another Form of Workplace Harassment
New York Employers, Beware of What You Ask Your Applicants and Employees: New York City’s Salary History Inquiry Ban
What Is a Regulated Drug Test?
Tips For Documenting Employee Discipline
The Aftermath: Developments From The 2017 Regular Session of The Connecticut General Assembly Affecting The Workplace
Takeaways For Employers From The Uber, Fox News and Trump Sexual Harassment Scandals
The Law Governing Unpaid Interns, Part II: Rights Under Federal and State Nondiscrimination Laws
It’s Almost Summer! Time to Review the Law Governing Interns, Part I
Bringing Your Dog to Work: Service Animals as Disability Accommodation
The Connecticut Supreme Court Aces Another ABC Test
Supervisor’s Personal Liability for Harassment
What Is the Extent of an Employer’s Liability For the Acts of an Employee?
Latest Developments from the Connecticut General Assembly: The Labor and Public Employees Committee Has Spoken
Gender Identity Bathroom Access - From Schools To The Workplace
Workers Comp Continues To Be Exclusive Remedy for Workplace Injuries
Latest Developments from the Connecticut General Assembly: The Labor and Public Employees Committee Begins to Speak
EEOC: Harassment Continues to be a Serious Problem in the Workplace
Latest Developments from the Connecticut General Assembly: February 16th Public Hearing (Wage/Hour and Leave)
The Same Actor Defense Requires the Same Stage
Finding Ways to Sue
Firing Employees For Private Facebook Posts: Employers Should Proceed With Caution
Update on the Employment Application Process and Background Checks
Don't Be A Cat's-Paw
Differences in Public Policy Can Affect Claims of Wrongful Discharge
There Are Limits to Connecticut’s Employee Free Speech Law
What Is Termination For Cause?
Latest Developments from the Connecticut General Assembly: The Labor and Public Employees Committee Speaks
Employee Separation Agreements – A Refresher, Part Three
Fourth Circuit Court Of Appeals Holds That Gender Normed Physical Fitness Tests Do Not Run Afoul Of Title VII
Employee Separation Agreements - A Refresher (The Sequel)
Discrimination at Any Age
Recent Colorado Supreme Court Decision on Medical Marijuana Highlights Risks Facing Employers in Connecticut Who Seek to Enforce Drug Free Workplace Policies
The Basic Steps for an Employer to Comply with the Uniformed Services Leave Act
Bad News, Good News: Disability Discrimination Plaintiff Sometimes Need Not Show He Was Qualified, But May Never Recover Punitive Damages
2015 Labor, Employment Law and Employee Benefits Seminar
Department of Justice To Assert Title VII Protects Transgender Status
A Strange Case of Sexual Harassment
What Is The Interactive Process?
Should Employers Sue to Recover Attorney’s Fees After Winning a Lawsuit?
Workplace Bullying and The Law
Employee Theft of Employer Documents—Protected Conduct in Opposition to Discrimination or Criminal Activity?
Investigating Employee Complaints – An Employer's Double Bind
Should Biological Fathers Receive the Same Leave Benefits as Adoptive Parents?
Be Careful - Complying with Separation Agreements and Personnel File Issues
How Do You Win a Discrimination Case?

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