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December 31, 2022, is 125 Plan Amendment Deadline for COVID-19 Special Rules
Section 125 Plan
A Lay-Up in Limiting Liability: How Employers Can Minimize Exposure by Keeping Workplace Policies Updated
Employee Handbook with Glasses
EEOC Places Further Limits on When an Employer May Require an Employee to Undergo Testing for COVID-19
Covid Test
Red Light, Green Light: A Status Update on Federal Vaccine Mandates for Private Employers
iStock-healthcare-employee-vaccine.jpg (iStock-healthcare-employee-vaccine.jpg)
Public Agency Meetings in the Pandemic Era
remote meeting 2
CDC Modifies Guidance on Isolation and Quarantine
Update on the OSHA "Vaccination or Test" ETS for Employers of 100 or More Employees
vaccination-photo.jpg (vaccination-photo.jpg)
Preparing for a Novel November: OSHA Releases Its Long-Awaited Vaccination Mandate for Employers with 100 or More Employees
iStock-vaccine.jpg (iStock-vaccine.jpg)
Dealing with Religious Objections to Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements: The EEOC Issues Clarifying Technical Assistance for Employers
iStock-covid vaccine exemption.jpg
A Critical Warning to Federal Contractors and Subcontractors with Unvaccinated Employees: Time is Running Out to Comply with President Biden’s Vaccination Mandate
iStock-vaccine mandate.jpg
Ready or Not: What Employers Need to Know About the Biden Administration’s Upcoming Vaccination and Testing Requirements
vaccination-photo.jpg (vaccination-photo.jpg)
Breaking . . . Governor Lamont’s New Executive Order # 13A Permits Municipal Leaders to Issue Emergency Orders Requiring Masking in Indoor Settings Regardless of Vaccination Status
iStock-mask required.jpg
Now They Are Finally Finished: Developments from the 2021 Regular and Special Sessions of The Connecticut General Assembly Affecting Employers (Updated July 22, 2021)
New OSHA COVID-19 Rule and Agency Guidance for Both Healthcare and Non-Healthcare Employers
iStock-masked people in boardroom.jpg
The EEOC’s Updated Guidance Allows Employers to Mandate COVID-19 Vaccinations (With Some Exceptions), and Clarifies When Employers Can Provide Incentives for Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine
Do I Still Need to Wear a Mask? What the CDC’s Recent Guidance and the Governor’s Recent Announcements Concerning Fully Vaccinated People Mean for Connecticut Employers
Latest Developments from the Connecticut General Assembly: The Labor and Public Employees Committee Has Spoken (Part Two-Expansion of Worker Rights)
Latest Developments from the Connecticut General Assembly: The Labor and Public Employees Committee Has Spoken (Part One-COVID-19 Related Bills)
iStock-general-assembly-1-1.jpg (iStock-general-assembly-1-1.jpg)
The (Str)Ides of March (Part Two): The Upcoming Easing of Connecticut’s COVID-19 Restrictions (and Impacts Upon Employers)
iStock-restaurant-reopen-covid.jpg (iStock-restaurant-reopen-covid.jpg)
Employees Splitting Working Time Between the Office and Home? The DOL Reminds Employers About the Rules on When Commute Time is Compensable in the New Age of Telework
iStock-remote meeting2.jpg
The (Str)Ides of March: How Connecticut’s Revised COVID-19 Vaccine Schedule Impacts Employers
vaccination-photo.jpg (vaccination-photo.jpg)
Better Late Than Never: How Employers May (Finally) Benefit from Recent Changes to the Families First Coronavirus Response Act
iStock-1208623485.jpg (iStock-1208623485.jpg)
When Push Comes to Shove: Should Employers Require Their Employees to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine?
vaccination-photo.jpg (vaccination-photo.jpg)
US DOL Issues New Enforcement Guidance on Electronic Workplace Posters and Telemedicine under the FMLA
remote webinar
EEOC Issues Guidance on Employer COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates
Recent Changes to CDC Guidance May Allow Employers to Safely Return Employees Exposed to COVID-19 to Work in Fewer Than 14 Days
Executive Order 9I Exempts Travel to New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island from Affected State COVID-19 Quarantine List
iStock-1208623485.jpg (iStock-1208623485.jpg)
Dispelling Some Myths in Responding to COVID-19 Incidents: Close Contacts, Quarantines, and Tests (and Ignoring the Noise).
Putting Employers Back in the Driver’s Seat? How the Governor’s Latest Executive Order May Restore Connecticut Employers’ Ability to Manage Out-of-State Employee Travel
Critical Update for Employers: US Department of Labor Significantly Narrows the Definition of “Health Care Provider” for Purposes of Exempting Employees from Paid Leave Under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act
DOL.jpg (DOL.jpg)
EEOC Issues More Guidance on the ADA and COVID-19 In the Workplace
DOL Says That Parents Who Opt Out of In-Person Learning Cannot Use Paid FFCRA Leave, But May Use the Leave for Remote Days Where a School is Using a Hybrid Model
DOL.jpg (DOL.jpg)
No Longer Taken at Face Value: Executive Order 7NNN and the New Requirement for Medical Documentation from Non-Mask Wearers (and What It Means to Connecticut’s Employers)
iStock-mask required.jpg
Southern District of New York’s Decision to Invalidate Health Care Provider Exclusion and Work Availability Requirement of FFCRA May Have Implications for Connecticut
health-care-law-book-e1481644757113.jpg (health-care-law-book-e1481644757113.jpg)
Quirky Quarantine Quandary: The New Changes to Connecticut’s Travel Advisory That May Leave Employers with More Questions Than Answers
Don’t Hand Off the Handbook: Why Employers Must Prioritize Updating Workplace Policies
Employee Handbook
A Reminder for 401(k) Plan Sponsors and Administrators: The Effective Date for the SECURE Act’s Long-Term Part-Time Eligibility Rule is Rapidly Approaching
Universities: Watch Out for Lost Student Work Authorization as a Result of New Ban on Remote Learning under F-1 Visas
Pandemic Pandemonium (Summer Vacation Edition): How the Governor’s Latest Executive Order Complicates FFCRA Leave for Employers
iStock-executive order.jpg
The EEOC Issues New Guidance Regarding Antibody Testing in the Wake of COVID-19
EEOC Makes Clear That COVID-19 Cannot be Used to Justify Discrimination Against Employees Based on Age or Other Characteristics
Connecticut Announces Rules for Phase 2 of Reopening
Returning the Reluctant Employee to Work: How the Governor’s Latest Executive Order May Allow Employees Who Refuse to Return to Work to Collect Unemployment Benefits
iStock-executive order.jpg
One Size Doesn’t Fit All: New EEOC Guidance Cautions Employers to Take an Individualized Approach in Returning ‘At-Risk’ Employees to Work in the Wake of COVID-19
COVID Back to Work
Crystal Clear Compliance: Connecticut Outlines How COVID-19 Sector Rules Will Be Enforced Against Non-Compliant Businesses
Tips from the Tax Man: A Reminder to Employers About the New Tax Credits Available
Tax Forms
UPDATE: OSHA Backtracks from April Policy that Exempted Most Employers from Tracking Workers’ COVID-19 Infections
Certain CT Businesses Permitted to Open May 20 with Restrictions
Open Business
Don’t Ask: New Department of Labor Guidance Restricts Employers from Requiring Documentation from Employees Seeking Paid Leave Under the FFCRA
IRS Issues FAQs Regarding CARES Act Distributions and Loans from Employee Benefit Plans
CARES/American Rescue Plan
CHRO Offers Extension of Deadline for Employers to Provide Sexual Harassment Training to New Employees
Business Discussion
More Disaster Relief for Employee Benefit Plans Due to COVID-19
Yes, We’re Open: Important Considerations for Employers Preparing to Reopen in a Post-COVID-19 World
Open Business
What Steps to Take When an Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19
COVID testing
Obliging OSHA: How New COVID-19 Guidance Impacts Employers’ Workplace Recordkeeping and Reporting Obligations
iStock-1208623485.jpg (iStock-1208623485.jpg)
DECD's Safe Workplace Rules Regarding "Face-Coverings" and Executive Order 7BB
iStock-mask required.jpg
The EEOC Issues Yet More Guidance on the ADA Accommodations and COVID-19
iStock-1208623485.jpg (iStock-1208623485.jpg)
Governor Lamont’s Executive Order Requiring Face Coverings: Its Impact Upon Employers
iStock-executive order.jpg
EEOC Issues More Guidance on ADA and the Coronavirus
The Scope of the “Health Care Providers” Exclusion from the FFCRA Leave Laws
COVID workers
Mobilizing the National Guard Against COVID-19: A Primer on Employer Obligations Under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Act
iStock-1208623485.jpg (iStock-1208623485.jpg)
Remote Inspection of I-9 Documents Now Permitted in Limited Circumstances During Coronavirus Emergency
The $600 Question: Which Furloughed or Laid Off Employees Are Eligible for Enhanced Unemployment Benefits Under the CARES Act?
CARES/American Rescue Plan
No Coronavirus-Related Furloughs of H-1B Employees
Families First Coronavirus Relief Act Notice Must Be Posted by April 1, 2020 – DOL Poster Should Be Posted at Worksites AND Emailed or Mailed to Teleworking Employees
Small And Mid-Size Businesses Should be Able to Swiftly Recover the Cost of Providing Coronavirus Related Paid Leave Under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act
iStock- shaking hands.jpg
The CT DOL’S Shared Work Program Might Reduce Labor Costs Without Permanent Layoffs
DECD Guidance on Connecticut Governor's Executive Order 7H
iStock-executive order.jpg
Connecticut DECD Issues Guidance on Businesses Considered “Essential” for Purposes of Governor’s Executive Order
Empty Workplace
EEOC Clarifies That Employers May Temperature-Test Employees During COVID-19 Pandemic
COVID testing
Initial Guidance on the Governor’s Executive Order on the Closure of “Non-Essential Businesses”
iStock-executive order.jpg
A COVID-19 “WARN-ing” for Employers: The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act Still Applies to Certain Layoffs and Plant Closures
Empty Workplace
Potential Immigration Compliance Issues Raised by Coronavirus Travel Restrictions, Work-from-Home Policies, and Layoffs
UPDATE: What Will the "Families First Coronavirus Response Act" Mean for Employers?
iStock-1208623485.jpg (iStock-1208623485.jpg)
CMS FAQ re Essential Health Coverage and the Coronavirus (COVID-19)
iStock-hospital.jpg (iStock-hospital.jpg)
How to Comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act During a Pandemic
Federal Family and Medical Leave Act and COVID-19
Guidance for Employers On Accommodating the Child Care Needs of Employees Amidst COVID-19 School Closures
Empty Classroom
What Will the "Families First Coronavirus Response Act" Mean for Employers?
iStock-1208623485.jpg (iStock-1208623485.jpg)
Coronavirus and the Workplace: Employers Considering Taking Employees’ Temperatures at Work Should Proceed with Caution
Empty Workplace
COVID-19: Key Issues and Responses for Employers
iStock-1208623485.jpg (iStock-1208623485.jpg)
Government Releases New Overtime Exemption Rule
iStock-vaccine.jpg (iStock-vaccine.jpg)
New Noncompete Restrictions Pass Connecticut General Assembly
iStock-1227315521.jpg (iStock-1227315521.jpg)
Employers Have Flexibility in Applying the Professional Exemption
Fourth Circuit Court Of Appeals Holds That Gender Normed Physical Fitness Tests Do Not Run Afoul Of Title VII
Settlement of Wage Claims Under FLSA Must Now be Approved by the Court
Recent Colorado Supreme Court Decision on Medical Marijuana Highlights Risks Facing Employers in Connecticut Who Seek to Enforce Drug Free Workplace Policies
The Aftermath: Developments From The 2015 Session of The Connecticut General Assembly Affecting The Workplace
Successor Liability for Discrimination Claims
Developments in Pregnancy Discrimination Law: UPS, EEOC, and I
Avoid Being the Test Case for Gender Identity Discrimination
Latest Developments from the Connecticut General Assembly: January 29 Public Hearing
Department of Justice To Assert Title VII Protects Transgender Status
Interns' Class Action Carries Multimillion Dollar Price Tag

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