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Posts in CT General Statutes.
Connecticut’s Physician Non-Compete Law Now Revised to Include New Restrictions and Extended to Cover APRNs and PAs
Noncompete Agreement
Emerging Developments in Connection with Connecticut’s Employee Free Speech Statute: A Connecticut Lawyer Magazine Article by Attorney Zachary Schurin
Free Speech Statute
Reminder: CT Employers Must Allow Time Off to Vote
Election Day Calendar
What Is a Regulated Drug Test?
New Study Suggests Drug Use in Our Workforce is on the Rise ….How Can Employers Protect Themselves and Their Employees?
The Aftermath: Developments From The 2017 Regular Session of The Connecticut General Assembly Affecting The Workplace
The Law Governing Unpaid Interns, Part II: Rights Under Federal and State Nondiscrimination Laws
Dueling Time Cards: The Appellate Court Provides Guidance On Resolving Unpaid Wage Claims
It’s Almost Summer! Time to Review the Law Governing Interns, Part I
Bringing Your Dog to Work: Service Animals as Disability Accommodation
Second Circuit Identifies Outer Limits of NLRA-Protected Speech
The Connecticut Supreme Court Aces Another ABC Test
NLRB Affirms Stance on Employee Use of Company Email During Non-Work Time
Latest Developments from the Connecticut General Assembly: The Labor and Public Employees Committee Has Spoken
Gender Identity Bathroom Access - From Schools To The Workplace
Latest Developments from the Connecticut General Assembly: The Labor and Public Employees Committee Begins to Speak
EEOC: Harassment Continues to be a Serious Problem in the Workplace
Latest Developments from the Connecticut General Assembly: February 16th Public Hearing (Wage/Hour and Leave)
The Same Actor Defense Requires the Same Stage
Latest Developments from the Connecticut General Assembly: February 9th Public Hearing (and wage/hour bills)
Latest Developments from the Connecticut General Assembly: January 31st Public Hearing
Finding Ways to Sue
The Department of Labor Opines That The Fair Labor Standards Act Sets The Floor With Respect To Wage Standards For Disabled Workers
They're Back! What Should Employers Expect from the 2017 Connecticut General Assembly Session?
Update on the Employment Application Process and Background Checks
Don't Be A Cat's-Paw
Connecticut Supreme Court Reaffirms the Right of an Employer to Determine When Commissions Are Paid
There Are Limits to Connecticut’s Employee Free Speech Law
Connecticut's Ban-the-Box Legislation Becomes Law: Have You Revised Your Company's Job Application?
Coming To A Workplace Near You: “Legal” Bi-Weekly Pay, Direct Deposit and Pay Cards
New Noncompete Restrictions Pass Connecticut General Assembly
iStock-1227315521.jpg (iStock-1227315521.jpg)
Post-Friedrichs, The Agency Fee Ground Is Still Shaking Mightily, But For A Different Reason
Latest Developments from the Connecticut General Assembly: The Labor and Public Employees Committee Speaks
The Return of “Mental-Mental:” Will Workers Compensation Again Be Extended to Cover Emotional Trauma?
Latest Developments from the Connecticut General Assembly: February 16th Public Hearing
Risks In Being A Joint Employer
Must An Employer Tolerate Truly Obnoxious Employee Speech That Is Not Job-Related?
By The Book: Transforming Handbooks Into Contracts In Langenkamp V. Olson
Payment of Accrued But Unused Vacation Pay
Developments in Pregnancy Discrimination Law: UPS, EEOC, and I
Could Non-Compete Agreements Be Banned in Connecticut?
Do You Comply With The New Personnel Files Statutes?
The Current State of Whistleblower Protections in Connecticut
Limits on Control of Employee Smoking
What is a Workday?
Connecticut Workers Are Protected From Head To Toe
Be Careful - Complying with Separation Agreements and Personnel File Issues

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