April 9, 2020

To our family, friends and clients,

A year ago we were celebrating our Centennial, 100 years of serving our clients.  We live in a different world today.  We hope all of you are, and remain, safe. 

Our firm mantra has always been “Pulling Together, Succeeding Together” because it aptly describes how five generations of people have understood that our success as a firm and the success we bring to our clients comes from a shared commitment.  For the time being, we are separated, but still pulling together - and succeeding together - committed to you, our communities, and each other.

I asked our colleagues and their families to find a way to express their appreciation for those who are dedicating their lives to protect ours.  I thought I would share the results with all of you; please view them here.  They will lift your spirits. 

Stay hopeful,

Tim Shearin


poster thanking first responders

poster thanking health care workers

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