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Monte Frank Highlighted in CT Insider on Changing the Election System

CT Insider

Monte Frank, co-chair of Pullman & Comley’s Litigation practice and chairman of the Connecticut task force of Serve America Movement (SAM), was recently highlighted in the CT Insider on how he has become a national activist and seeking out to change the political system.  He is deeply involved with election and democracy reforms, including a survey the SAM mailed to each of the Connecticut House and Senate candidates, where they found more than 73 percent of the nearly 500 state residents responded with support of the initiatives.

Monte, who has an 11-year-old who attended Sandy Hook Elementary School, also finds ways to become involved and make a difference in the community. He formed Team 26, a group of bicyclists who ride every spring from Newtown to Washington, D.C., making stops in in Harlem, Trenton, Baltimore, and other communities affected by gun violence. Having conversations with gun owners and in efforts to find common ground, for example, universal background checks, allows him to advocate for meaningful gun violence prevention legislation.  Monte said “No question, what I saw carried out in Congress after Sandy Hook was eye-opening,” Monte said. It steeled him. “Unless you can change the system, any meaningful reform is only temporary, depending on which party is in control. It’s a pendulum.”

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