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Wins Scored for Transgender Students and Athletes
LGBT - School
March 24 Webinar:  Updates on Title IX and School Expulsions
remote webinar
No Question: OCR Recognizes Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination as Violation of Title IX
Native American Mascots: An Emerging Legal Landscape - Part Two
School sports
OCR Doubles Down on Position that Title IX Equity Rules Do Not Protect Transgender Students
New York Federal District Court Holds That Title IX Regulations Apply Retroactively
Court House
No Winning: Connecticut's Transgender Athlete Policy Deemed a Violation of Title IX
Part III in a Series: Is Your District Prepared to Implement the New Title IX Regulations at the Start of the 2020-2021 School Year? The Formal Complaint Process
Part II in a Series: Is Your District Prepared to Implement the New Title IX Regulations at the Start of the 2020-2021 School Year? Initial Response to Allegations of Sexual Harassment
Part I in a Series: Is Your District Prepared to Implement the New Title IX Regulations at the Start of the 2020-2021 School Year?
Classroom students
U.S. Department of Education Clarifies That Video Recording Virtual Lessons and Making Them Available to Students Does Not Violate FERPA and Provides Other Advice on FERPA Compliance in the Age of Virtual Learning
remote meeting
Teach On! Remote Group Instruction, Student Privacy, and FERPA in the Age of the Coronavirus
Virtual Class
"How About Never!?" - COVID-19, School Closures, and Planning and Placement Team Meetings
Classroom students
OCR Issues Guidance on Nondiscrimination in the Age of Distance Learning
Virtual Class
Special Education in the Age of the Coronavirus
Virtual Class
What If Your District Shuts Down and Cannot Meet the 180 School Day Minimum for Instruction?
Empty Classroom
Pullman & Comley’s School Law Practice Hosts Fall Special Education Legal Issues Forum
Canary in a Coal Mine: Analyzing Title IX, OCR, and On-Campus Sexual Misconduct Adjudications in Plummer v. University of Houston
Who is Considered A Parent For Purposes of Accessing School Records?
Check Please: OCR's Future in the Wake of Proposed Budget Cuts
Flushed: Supreme Court Vacates Fourth Circuit's Title IX Transgender Bathroom Decision in Gloucester County v. G.G.
A Kindergarten Student and Her Dog Named Wonder: What Rights Do Students Have To Service Animals In The Classroom?
Undocumented Immigrants, The Schools And The Obligations To Cooperate With “ICE”
Making Different Choices: Navigating University Grievance Procedures Under Title IX in MOORE v. TEMPLE UNIVERSITY
A Cadillac, A Serviceable Chevrolet Or Something In Between: The Supreme Court Is Poised To Redefine The Standard Of Education That Must Be Provided To Special Education Students
Homework for 2017 – Making Sure Your District’s Wellness Policy is Up to Date!
OSEP Speaks Again: Ensure Your Evaluations Address All Areas of Potential Concern
Trump and Transgender Student Rights -- An Early Decision For The President-Elect In Gloucester County School Board v. G.G.?
I Meant What I Said: Transgender Student Rights In Connecticut In The Face Of The Latest Federal Court Developments
Transgender Student Issues - The Feds Speak, But Is It Really News In Connecticut?
Pinning It Down: Section 504 and Reasonable Accommodations in Kempf V. The Michigan High School Athletic Association
Testing, One, Two…. The United States Department of Education’s New Plan For Standardized Testing
Out of Bounds: Title IX, Off-Campus Conduct, and Yeasin V. University of Kansas
Taking The “Due” Out of Due Process – OSERS and Compliance Complaints
Connecticut's U.S. Attorney to Focus on Discrimination in Schools
Let's Go To The Videotape: Can School Security Videos Be Subject To Disclosure Under FOIA?
Federal Government Bars Immigration Checks By Schools
Leveling the Playing Field: Providing Equitable Athletic Opportunities for Disabled Students

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