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Special Education Law Updates from the 2023 Session of the Connecticut General Assembly 
Developments from the 2023 Session of the Connecticut General Assembly Affecting Public Schools
2023 general assembly updates - schools
Virtually Summer: Extended-School-Year Services in the Age of Coronavirus
Virtual Class
"How About Never!?" - COVID-19, School Closures, and Planning and Placement Team Meetings
Classroom students
OCR Issues Guidance on Nondiscrimination in the Age of Distance Learning
Virtual Class
How to Implement Distance Learning and Still Comply with Existing State and Federal Laws
Virtual Class
Special Education in the Age of the Coronavirus
Virtual Class
What If Your District Shuts Down and Cannot Meet the 180 School Day Minimum for Instruction?
Empty Classroom
Student E-Mails, FERPA and FOIA: What School Districts Must Disclose (and When)?
Pullman & Comley Special Education Legal Issues Forum on November 1, 2019
The United States Department of Education Issues Guidance on the Meaning of FAPE
Pullman & Comley’s School Law Practice Hosts Fall Special Education Legal Issues Forum
The Aftermath: Developments From The 2017 Regular Session of The Connecticut General Assembly Affecting Schools
Pullman & Comley’s School Law Practice Hosts Spring Special Education Legal Issues Forum
Latest Developments from the Connecticut General Assembly: The Education Committee Has Spoken
United States Supreme Court Defines Standard For Special Education: Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District RE-1
A Kindergarten Student and Her Dog Named Wonder: What Rights Do Students Have To Service Animals In The Classroom?
Pullman & Comley's Third Annual Statewide School Law Seminar - March 3, 2017
A Cadillac, A Serviceable Chevrolet Or Something In Between: The Supreme Court Is Poised To Redefine The Standard Of Education That Must Be Provided To Special Education Students
OSEP Speaks Again: Ensure Your Evaluations Address All Areas of Potential Concern
Pullman & Comley's 2016-17 Superintendents' Legal Issues Forum - Session Two Recap
Pullman & Comley's School Law Practice Hosts Fall Special Education Legal Issues Forum
Attorneys McKeon and Schurin Address Connecticut Association of Independent Schools on Transgender Student Issues
Taking The “Due” Out of Due Process – OSERS and Compliance Complaints
Does One Wrong Equal No Rights? Connecticut Lets Its Surrogate Parents' Contracts Lapse
Latest Developments From The Connecticut General Assembly: The Education Committee Passes More Bills
Pullman & Comley's April 21, 2015 Special Education Legal Issues Forum
Latest Developments From The Connecticut General Assembly: March 19 Public Hearing
What Can Schools Expect from this Connecticut General Assembly Session?
Pullman & Comley's November 21, 2014 Special Education Legal Issues Forum
Something for Board Policy Committees to Consider
2014 Legislative Update
Special Education Legal Issues Forum: Thursday June 5, 2014
Recording Special Education Team Meetings: Three Reasons Why Your School District Should Have a Written Policy
Connecticut State Department of Education Due Process Hearing Decisions for the 2013 Calendar Year: A Summary
Demystifying The Costs of Special Education

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