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The Status of 10 Key CMS Waivers Affecting Health Care Practitioners Following the Expiration of the COVID Public Health Emergency on May 11, 2023
The Status of 10 Key CMS Waivers Affecting Health Care Practitioners Following the Expiration of the COVID Public Health Emergency on May 11, 2023
CT Supreme Court Issues Important Decision Regarding Med Mal Opinion Letters
sign with Medical Malpractice and gavel
Significant 2022 Connecticut Health Law Cases
Gravel, Stethoscope and book
Regulatory Reminder: New CT Health Care Laws Effective July 1
Health Care Laws
Top 10 Connecticut Health Law Cases for 2021
Health Law Case
The Federal No Surprises Act: 10 Things Connecticut Providers Should Know Now
iStock-medical bill.jpg
New Connecticut State Laws Affecting Hospitals and Health Care Providers
iStock-hospital.jpg (iStock-hospital.jpg)
New Executive Order Imposes Vaccine Requirements on Connecticut Long-Term Care Facilities
iStock-healthcare-employee-vaccine.jpg (iStock-healthcare-employee-vaccine.jpg)
Health Care Providers Should Take Note of Recent Repeals and Extensions of COVID-Related Executive Orders
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Health Law from the Courts: Review of 2020 Connecticut Case Law
health-care-law-book-e1481644757113.jpg (health-care-law-book-e1481644757113.jpg)
Connecticut Allows New Telehealth Capabilities and Further Expands Clinical Workforce In Response to COVID-19 Pandemic
COVID viruz
Latest Executive Order Repeals Certain Changes Made to Provider Reimbursement Rates
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New Liability Limitations for Health Care Providers and Added Workforce Flexibility in Connecticut Should Not Obscure Duty to Treat During Pandemic
Health Care Employees
Executive Order Limiting Liability for Connecticut Providers Responding to COVID-19 Grants Protections for Health Care Professionals and Hospitals Grappling With Pandemic
iStock-hospital.jpg (iStock-hospital.jpg)
Update on Connecticut’s Response to COVID-19 Crisis: Governor Forms Health System Response Team; CMS Grants Connecticut a Waiver of Certain Medicaid Requirements
COVID viruz
Determining Who is an Essential Health Care Employee in Connecticut Under Executive Order 7H
COVID workers
Health Law From the Courts: Pullman & Comley's Review of 2019 Connecticut Case Law
health-care-law-book-e1481644757113.jpg (health-care-law-book-e1481644757113.jpg)
Regulatory Update: New Connecticut Statutes Affecting Health Care Providers
2018 Round-Up: Key Connecticut Court Decisions Impacting Health Care Providers
Regulatory Reminder: New CT Health Care Laws Effective October 1
CT Supreme Court Holds Hospital Vicariously Liable for Negligence of Surgical Resident
2017 Round-Up: Key Decisions Affecting Connecticut Health Care Providers
CT Supreme Court: Patients Have Right to Sue Physicians for Unauthorized Disclosure of Confidential Medical Records
New Home Health Rules Effective in January 2018—Some Traps for the Unwary
The Impact of the New Connecticut Budget on the Health Care Industry
Home Health Agencies Get More Time to Prepare for New Medicare Rules
HIPAA in the Age of Ransomware
Home Health Agencies May Get More Time to Prepare for New Rules
2016 Round-Up: Key Decisions Affecting Connecticut Health Care Providers
CT Hospitals Have New Patient Disclosure Requirements Beginning in 2017
Hospitals, Physician Practices and Clinics are Reminded to Post New Non-Discrimination Notice
Cefaratti v. Aranow - Connecticut Hospitals May Be Vicariously Liable for Negligence of Non-Employee Physicians
IMG_5706-751.jpg (IMG_5706-751.jpg)
Important New Connecticut Laws Affecting Health Care Effective July 1
IMG_6161-761.jpg (IMG_6161-761.jpg)
Final Rule Clarifies Requirements for Reporting and Returning Medicare Overpayments
medic-210-627-729.jpg (medic-210-627-729.jpg)
Upcoming Implementation of New State Legislation Affecting Health Care
IMG_6161-761.jpg (IMG_6161-761.jpg)
2014 Round-Up: Connecticut Court Decisions Affecting Healthcare Providers
Do Releases from Employees Protect Employers from Claims under the False Claims Act?
New Connecticut Law Requires Disclosure of Certain Transactions Involving Group Medical Practices, Amends the CON Law, and More
Health Care Reform: Some Temporary Relief for Employers
IMG_5706-751.jpg (IMG_5706-751.jpg)

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