Staying Ahead of the Changing Laws in Labor and Employment

Our attorneys continue to be at the forefront of advising our clients on best practices to meet the challenges presented by dramatic changes in labor and employment laws. When President Obama signed the Defend Trade Secrets Act into law in May 2016, for example, we immediately provided guidance and written alerts to our clients on how to revise their employment agreements to include appropriate disclaimer language required by the new law. Then, when the Connecticut legislature passed the “ban-the-box” legislation and modified the law on checking applicants’ credit histories, we advised clients on how to revise their employment applications to comply with the state’s new requirements governing inquiries on job applicants’ criminal backgrounds and credit histories.

Our labor law practitioners actively assisted our clients in navigating through the National Labor Relations Board’s aggressive stances on social media, confidentiality of employer information and defending NLRA claims. This complemented our very active labor contract negotiation work in which we negotiate cutting-edge collective bargaining agreements for our public and private management clients. Helping our clients stay ahead of legal developments is a critical part of our practice, and in a year when we anticipate even greater change, we view it as essential.

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