Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is an innovative approach to divorce in which each spouse retains an attorney to employ cooperative and creative solutions to the issues.  All involved commit themselves to achieving a negotiated outcome based on full and fair disclosure of information.  As part of the collaborative process, the parties agree that no litigation will be commenced during the negotiations.

In collaborative divorce, the spouses and their attorneys meet to discuss the issues in a private setting.  The couple maintains control over the timeline of the process and jointly makes decisions, sometimes with the assistance of other neutral professionals like financial planners, child-focused therapists and mediators.  The most important element of collaborative divorce is that the lawyers commit to manage the conflict, emotional issues and relationship issues that often derail the divorce process.

Our family lawyers are specially trained in the art and skill of collaborative divorce. They work with clients to design an approach that is tailored to each family’s unique needs.  Our goal is to counsel our clients through the major life transition that is divorce in a manner that preserves their dignity, privacy and resources.