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CYBER LAW TRACKER: A Year in the Making, White House Unveils Final Cybersecurity Framework

Posted by: Edward Lefebvre
February 13, 2014

On Wednesday, February 12, the White House unveiled its new framework for American infrastructure to protect itself against cyberattack.  That framework is the result of a yearlong project undertaken by the executive agencies; in early 2013, the White House asked that these agencies solicit comments and collaborate with industry to develop a new set of cybersecurity standards.

Now in its final form, the new framework exhorts business (and especially critical infrastructure) to adopt a series of detailed, tiered cybersecurity measures.  Though the framework doesn’t purport to be mandatory, it is still a powerful statement of best practices.  Until Congress acts or data breach litigation proliferates, this framework may be the most detailed and definitive statement of effective cybersecurity measures to come from any branch of government – the White House, the Congress, or the Federal Courts.

Further information can be found in the Washington Post’s recent article, accessible here: (


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