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April 10, 2013

Will Connecticut's New Gun Restrictions Affect You?

Connecticut’s new firearms legislation will have a broad impact.  The state made history this past week when Governor Dannel Malloy signed into effect one of the most restrictive gun laws in the United States.  Public Act 13-3, “An Act Concerning Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety,” includes many provisions, some of which went into effect immediately.

Will you, your family or business be affected by these sweeping changes?  Gun owners want to know:

  • Will I be required to register my firearms?
  • If I have to register my firearms, will that information be publicly available?
  • Are the firearms I possess still legal?
  • Will my firearms be subject to seizure by the State or federal government?
  • Will I have to apply for special permits from the State or federal government?
  • What should I do with my high capacity magazines?
  • Do these new restrictions affect my hunting permits?
  • Will I have to reapply for my carry permit?
  • Can I transfer or sell my firearms?
  • What is the status of antique firearms?

Many of the attorneys in Pullman & Comley’s White Collar, Criminal Defense and Corporate Investigations practice are former prosecutors at the state and federal level.   They are currently analyzing the lengthy bill and are ready to consult with you about the impact it will have on the storage, transfer and purchase of firearms.  The bill signed into law last week makes numerous changes in the laws governing firearms including the following key measures:   

  • Expands background checks for the sale of all firearms, effective immediately.
  • Expands the Connecticut Assault Weapons Ban by adding more than 100 types of firearms to the banned list.
  • Immediately bans the sale or purchase of large capacity magazines (LCMs – more than 10 rounds), and places stringent restrictions on the use of those currently possessed. 
  • Requires new state-issued eligibility certificates for the purchase of any rifle, shotgun or ammunition. 
  • Expands Connecticut’s firearms safe storage law.
  • Changes the status of individuals who have been admitted to a hospital for mental health issues regarding the legal possession of firearms and permits.
  • Establishes the offense of illegal possession of ammunition, so that an individual who is ineligible to possess a firearm will also now be ineligible to possess any ammunition. 
  • Requires applicants that apply for a temporary permit to carry a pistol or revolver to apply only in their town of residence and limits such application to one per year. 
  • Establishes a new age limit of 21 years of age for the purchase of centerfire semiautomatic rifles, other than assault rifles.  
  • Bans the sale of armor-piercing ammunition, and makes it a class D felony to carry a firearm loaded with any such ammunition.  

If you have any concerns or questions on how these new laws will affect you, your children, relatives you provide care for or your business, please contact any of the attorneys in Pullman & Comley’s White Collar, Criminal Defense and Corporate Investigations practice.


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