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IN THE NEWS: Steve Bonafonte Discusses Cybersecurity Measures For Law Firms

CT Law Tribune
July 6, 2012

In "In The Face of Hacker Attacks, Firms Step Up Cybersecurity Measures," reporter Jay Stapleton writes about possible cyberattacks becoming a reality for law firms and how client confidentiality and protecting client information are binding practices for lawyers, as the American Bar Association's Model Rule 1.6 explains. 

According to Pullman & Comley Cybersecurity, Privacy and Infrastructure Protection attorney Steve Bonafonte, "Most lawyers are rightly first and foremost concentrating on their legal strategy and the facts and the law to defend their clients," he said. "But they need to be aware that all of the information they hold is quickly transmittable around the world and lost. With all of the benefits of the technology, there are risks of the information being released without permission."

To read the full article from the CT Law Tribune, please click here.