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Pullman & Comley is committed to the professional development of all of our attorneys. We believe a supportive, collaborative environment that fosters ongoing professional growth is essential to the well-being of our firm, enhancing our ability to deliver superior client service.  Training represents the wisest investment we can make in our most valuable asset – our people.

We provide training that meets the specific needs of attorneys, depending on their level and areas of practice.

Summer Associates

  • Two days of general orientation
  • Associate and partner mentoring
  • Training on effective advocacy techniques, document drafting, brief writing, negotiation and presentation skills and various other legal and technical skills
  • Observations of depositions, hearings, closings and other informational events
  • One-on-one training in substantive legal developments
  • Mid-summer and final evaluation conferences
  • Training provided to new associates and all attorneys that occurs during the summer months

New Associates

  • One day of general orientation
  • Mentorship program
  • Associate writing program
  • Department-based training
  • Ongoing formal and informal feedback on performance
  • Business development/marketing training and support
  • Training provided by the Associate Training/Development Committee

All Attorneys

  • Departmental educational meetings cover practice-specific developments
  • Memoranda on new court decisions and other relevant information circulated on a regular basis.
  • Training on state-of-the-art office technology
  • Monthly continuing education seminars conducted by members of the firm on topics of broader interest throughout the legal community