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Photo of Joanna Piscitello

Joanna T. Piscitello

Hartford Office
90 State House Square
Hartford, CT 06103-3702
p 860.541.3331
f 860.424.4370
Practice Areas
  • University of Connecticut, B.S.

Joanna T. Piscitello is a paralegal with more than 25 years of firm experience in real estate, business organizations and finance.  Her experience includes commercial real estate transactions representing buyers, sellers and lending institutions.  She also assists with transactional management, document revisions, closing preparation, due diligence review such as title search, survey, UCC search review, title insurance company coordination and preparation of transaction binders.  Joanna also is experienced in corporate business law including entity formation, organization, and administration; corporate governance; corporate transactions including stock and asset; mergers and acquisitions; financing transactions; UCC searches and filings; liquidations and dissolutions.  Additionally Joanna assists one of the nation’s largest automobile dealers with the formation and maintenance of more than 50 entities in numerous states. 

Ms. Piscitello’s experience also includes yacht and aircraft transactions, airport authority transfers, cell tower applications and easements, solar panel installation financing and automobile floor-plan financings.   Ms. Piscitello is a notary public for the State of Connecticut. 

Professional Affiliations

  • Central Connecticut Paralegal Association, Inc.
  • Connecticut Bar Association, Paralegal Section
  • National Federation of Paralegal Associations, Inc.