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Americans With Disabilities Act Lawsuit Settled

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Hartford Dispensary, an operator of nine methadone-assisted treatment facilities in Connecticut, sought to establish a clinic in Torrington to better serve its clients from that part of the state.  Its plan to renovate a small office building in Torrington’s industrial area for that new clinic failed when the city passed new zoning regulations making it more difficult to site a methadone clinic or a facility that provided mental health services in Torrington. 

When negotiations with the city failed to reach a solution, Hartford Dispensary, represented by the firm’s land use attorneys, filed suit, alleging that the city’s new regulation violated the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, a suit supported by the U.S. Justice Department.  The litigation was then quickly settled under terms favorable to Hartford Dispensary and the new facility is now under construction, with a target opening date of Spring 2014.

“Hartford Dispensary appreciates the help of Pullman & Comley in resolving the roadblocks that were preventing us from opening a facility in Torrington, and we now look forward to serving and working with the Torrington community.”  Paul McLaughlin, CEO, Hartford Dispensary