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Making Energy from New Sources

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Pullman & Comley’s Environmental Department attorneys played a key role in the siting and permitting of the largest single-source municipal scale anaerobic digestion plant in the United States.  Because of the plant’s proposed location in Ansonia, Connecticut, the facility is subject to the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s environmental justice requirements, which required the facility to submit a public participation plan, reach out to various citizen groups and hold a public informational meeting.   This is one of the first projects of its type to run through this rigorous approval process successfully.

Each year the digester will take its sewer sludge and up to 50,000 tons of organic food waste from local grocery stores and restaurants and convert it into methane gas and compost.  The methane will be captured and used to create more than enough electricity to power projects for the City of Ansonia. In addition, the food waste will be used to annually produce about 15,000 tons of organic compost which will be sold to various landscaping and horticultural enterprises.  Best of all, this process will save the city more than $700,000 each year in costs associated with the removal and transport of the sludge to other towns where it is currently disposed.