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Successful Developments in Multifaceted Litigation

In 2008, we successfully completed a trial over the rights to develop a mixed-use waterfront parcel along the Connecticut coastline. The multifaceted lawsuit involved the rights to control the development company, whether one of its former members had breached a severance agreement, and whether the development company had to repay loans that were reportedly incurred by that individual. Because of the case’s many cross-claims, it was assigned to Connecticut’s Complex Litigation Docket. We defended the development company from an onslaught of pleadings from its ex-member and his lenders, while at the same time prosecuting counterclaims against the same parties. After a lengthy trial, the court ruled in favor of our client, reaffirming its sole control of the project, absolving it of any obligation to pay the ex-member due to his multiple contract breaches and ordering the ex-member and his development company to reimburse our client more than $500,000 in legal fees.